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The Mendon Foundation is proud to announce the addition of Team 2228 Cougar Tech to our family of supported activities.

Team 2228 is an HFL high school club devoted to developing skills in science, technology, engineering, math and business. Every year, students design and build a 120 pound robot to compete in nationally recognized FIRST Robotics competitions. Consider supporting the team for travel and supplies with your tax deductible donation.

Visit their website at http://www.cougartech2228.com/


For more information on the goals of this organization, visit these websites:




Mail your donation to Team 2228:

Attention: Terry Gossard, c/o Mendon Foundation, PO Box 231, Mendon, NY 14506

Corporate sponsors should contact the team directly: Kelly Young (585) 355-7111 or Linda Hunt (585) 334-3374