About Us

WHO ARE WE? The Mendon Foundation is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation headquartered in marvelous Mendon, New York. Established in 1992, we specialize in enriching the lives of our supporters, their children, grandchildren and their community.

WHAT DO WE DO? The Mendon Foundation is the first and only not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting the rich cultural heritage of the communities in and adjacent to Southeastern Monroe County. Our all-volunteer organization enriches the lives of our supporters and their community by working with the local municipal governments, major contributors and local residents to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic, natural, recreational, structural and historical resources of critical cultural significance.


Our Mission :

  • PRESERVE protect and enhance the scenic, natural, recreational and structural resources in the Town of Mendon,
  • MAINTAIN a responsible stewardship of assets and properties held or controlled by the corporation,
  • ESTABLISH and promote local environmental education on issues pertinent to the preservation of natural resources in the Town of Mendon,
  • ESTABLISH and promote programs to monitor the natural resources in the Town of Mendon

WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? Over the years, Mendon has developed a cultural persona many have found quite attractive. A slice of old-fashioned Americana, we've found our town, in many ways, represents an ideal. Furthermore, we believe it represents a role model for other, similar communities. This role model relies on responsible citizenship rather than coerced governmental intervention. Therefore, the Mendon Foundation exists to accomplish the continuing mission of providing an avenue for citizens to preserve, protect and promote the rich cultural resources found in the community. By enriching their own lives, our supporters seek to continue to enrich their children, their grandchildren and their community. We believe our success requires a self-sufficient organization that while always seeking to take advantage of outside sources of grants does not depend on any one outside source for financial support. We also believe our success requires we deliver edifying benefits to our supporters.

HOW DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? The Mendon Foundation currently promotes several different projects to accomplish its mission. These projects reflect the collective priorities of our major donors and our volunteers. These projects currently include:

  • Land Acquisition and Open Space Preservation: We now have more than 100 acres in our land trust. We preserved this open space by creation of nature reserves and planting warm weather grasses.
  • Lehigh Valley Trail: In many ways our signature project, we have received a $1.2 million federal grant to develop and maintain Monroe County's 14 mile linear trail encompassing the old Lehigh Valley Railroad bed in the towns of Mendon and Rush.
  • Mendon Station Park Recreational Facility and Museum/Education Complex: Based on the Hamlet of Mendon's Master Plan, development and procurement of funds through grants, contributions, and Mendon Arts Festival proceeds continue.
  • Sibleyville Nature Reserve: In 2000, 45 acres of a pristine wildlife preserve located close to the historic Totiakton Indian site was endowed to the Foundation